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Bundle I needed

These are the 2 supplements I always take and cannot train without. Creatine gives me that extra strength and fullness I love and also BCAA are perfect intra workout drink for flavour and energy.

Burn Black
Anna K.
Feel the burn

This product is my favourite fat burner. Flavours are spot on and mixes really well, I love the feeling I get when taking this and can definantly see the results.


Tastes good, gives you good energy during workout.

Awesome pack

Didn’t know what I wanted or needed so I purchased this sample box and once i tried the products I ended up buying 3 of the 4 products to use for my training.

Alien is my fav

Alien supps products are just perfect, taste great, mix well and the fact I am supporting an Aussie company is just a great bonus!!!

Perfect Bundle

I always take protein and aminos as my staple supplements. So getting EHP bundles is perfect for me to make sure I do not run out and also to make sure I am getting a good deal

Bundle Deal

Decided to purchase this bundle as it was easier than buying these products separately and at different times, not to mention I saved money buying them together. 🤑

EHP Bundle

Protein and Creatine are the 2 supplement I always take, I struggle to get enough protein in my diet and creatine allows me to train harder but also good for my brain health.

Alien Bundle

This Alien bundle is perfect for Pre and Post workout. The pre workout has a lot of kick to it and the Peanut Vanilla protein tastes amazing!!!

Blessed Life

This is my favourite tasting vegan protein on the market. It just mixes so well. The vanilla chai flavour is my favourite. Well definitely always buy this product.

Epic Bundle

I purchased this bundle and it has everything I need to perform and elevate my training. Highly recommend this bundle 😎

Disorder pre workout

This is a great product. A staple in my supplement stack. Purple reign is my favourite flavour. This product is reasonably priced compared to others and with the same benefits.

Pure magic

This pre workout is epic. Gives me plenty of buzz but also has a nice level of confidence and focus while training. Allowing me to push my sessions beyond what I would normally be capable of.

Alien Uno

This pre workout is insane, has a massive kick to it and the flavour is very good. I usually take 2 scoops 30 minutes before my session and mix with 600ml of water to make sure its not too sweet. The pump and energy I get from this is amazing and excited to try the Raspberry flavour on my next purchase.

Choc chip cookie 🤤

I have never had a tastier flavour of protein in my life!!!! This has little chunks of choc chip cookies as well which just take it to the next level.

Perfect Combo

This is the perfect combo, 2 of my favourite products in a bundle saves me time and money. The Magic Wheytime flavour is by far the best tasting protein on the market and the Mountain Juicy Pump Juice is exactly what I want from a non-stim pre workout to get sickening pumps and insane mental focus while training.

Pump 🧃

This is now my second tub and I can't get over how good this product is. I like to have my morning coffee so having a non-stim pre workout without caffeine but all the pump, focus and enhanced blood flow is perfect for me.

I will be keeping this in my arsenal of supplements moving forward. The Gangsta grape is my favourite so far, but am excited to try the Mountain Juicy flavour on my next order.


I use this nootropic for training but also for my office job to get mental clarity and focus for my tasks. I can get in the zone and get things done!!

Alien Greens
Kieran A.
Interstellar Greens

If you want greens to take you to outer space to allow you to give you optimal gut health then these are the greens for you.

Ghostly Aminos

These BCAAs are perfect for while I’m training. I even have some during the day if I want some flavour to my water 😎

Oxygreens Gut Health

I have been taking Oxygreens for quite a while now and I love the way it makes my gut perform and digest my food.

Pre v2
Pre workout

I use magic pre workout and whey protein as my staples. This has all the caffeine I need to get me to smash my workouts first thing in the morning. Plus the pump and focus I get from this is exactly what I need to get through my training.

1 to rule them all

I have been using Rule 1 for over 2 years now and have no reason to change my protein. It always tastes so good and mixes well, not to mention the macros are great with plenty of protein per serve to make sure I hit my protein target for the day.


EHP Labs products are always amazing. This pre workout is no different to the rest of their products and hits the mark perfectly. I have great workouts with this products and the energy and pump is perfect!!!

Ghostly Greens

I have used plenty of greens products and this was the best tasting of them all, with everything I want. So far it has kept my gut feeling great!!!